Maria Torres

Co-Founder / CEO - Maria has made it her professional and personal mission to serve her community and care for those who need it most. With a degree in accounting and long career in the nonprofit industry, she created Every Day is a Miracle to end food insecurity in the Bronx.

Mercedes Liriano

Co-Founder / Chair - Mercedes is a long-time advocate for social justice. With a background in business, she has helped shape EDM into the organization it is today and continues to participate in the development of all programs.

Henry Corniel

Regional Director - Henry has been serving since his time in the military, and he continues to advocate for fellow veterans in the fight for equality. He is the Regional Director of both EDM locations and handles logistics and operations.

Miryam Gordils

Program Manager - Miryam is a former NYC educator who has taken her management skills from the classroom to directly overseeing all the programs EDM has to offer.

Richard Goods

Pantry Manager - Richard is the Pantry Coordinator at our East Tremont location. He is credited with ensuring that the facilities we use are in proper working condition and meet safety standards of food storage, handling, and distribution.

Joe Cruz

Pantry Coordinator - Joe has served the community in numerous ways from the baseball field as an umpire, to the back of an ambulance as an EMT. He devotes his free time to coordinating the food pantry and ensuring it is properly stocked each week.

Maria Nunez

Navigation Services Coordinator - Maria is a long-time community activist. When she sees a need, she does not hesitate to step up. She uses her skills as a former educator and social worker to meet the needs of the community as a case specialist.

Jocelyn Tavera

Development / Communication Manager