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Here at Every Day is a Miracle, we want to contribute to the general health of our clients and community. This means that we strive to address the growing needs of those who live among us. Since health is not restricted to food consumption but includes food and water intake along with physical health, we offer programs that are specially designed for these topics.

According to the NYC Department of Health, more than half of the city’s adult population is either overweight (34%) or obese (22%). This includes children, affecting them as early as Pre-K and Kindergarten (23%). Obesity puts individuals at greater risk for mental and physical health problems such as depression, disordered eating, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer.


To address these growing numbers, we help clients of the Food Choice Pantry Shop to adopt healthy eating habits and lead more active lifestyles. We do this by providing the following:

  • nutrition education
  • healthy cooking workshops featuring the foods we serve in the pantry
  • fitness club 
  • self-health assessments for prevalent diseases, coupled with tips to help manage and prevent them.

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