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Every Day is a Miracle provides free, fresh, and well-balanced groceries to Bronx community members. With nearly one-third of the community living in poverty, and half of them being food insecure, we provide households with satisfying and nutritious meals.

At the Supermarket Pantry, our clients have the opportunity for a real grocery shopping experience. By offering a variety of choices, shoppers can opt for specific items based on dietary needs, familial recipes, or cultural, religious, and individual preferences. We encourage clients to take an active role in their nutritional well-being by providing shopping stations that are organized into specific food groups and are based on nutrition and family size guidelines. This method helps to increase our clients’ consumption of nutritious foods and minimize the chance for waste since they’re actively choosing the items that suit the needs of their household.

Every Day is a Miracle takes a different approach that dignifies the community and empowers individuals and families to not only eat but to eat healthily. To maintain dignity and efficiency, we use an appointment system to minimize waiting outside. We serve 1,042 families per week and send a family of four home with up to $250 worth of groceries or 84 meals worth of food each week.*

*This varies by household size

Two Ways to Access the Food Pantry

Method 1:

Save Time, Avoid the Line

Use our digital reservation system to secure your place in line at your nearest EDM food pantry and schedule an appointment that suits your availability.

Through this system, you can conveniently access service times, receive real-time updates, and provide feedback.

Our digital reservation system is user-friendly and free to use.

Method 2:

Visit one of our Two Centers

On site registration

Fordham Location

On Thursdays at 9am

Westchester Square Location

On Fridays at 9am